Inspection Services

Griffin Home Inspections offers thorough and honest evaluations of residential properties in Sumter County and the surrounding areas. Our professional inspections are investigative and client-oriented, complying with ASHI’s commendable Standards of Practice. It’s our mission for you to be completely informed before making a decision about the purchase of a home.

General Home Inspection

Our non-invasive home inspection involves a careful evaluation of most visible and readily accessible areas of a residential property. When deemed necessary, we utilize aerial drone photography to help us evaluate damaged or inaccessible roofing systems. A moisture meter is used to qualify areas that are suspected to be damaged or faulty due to the effects of moisture intrusion.

Inspected components include:

  • Roofing System
  • Foundation & Crawl Space
  • Structural Components
  • Driveway & Walkways
  • Deck
  • Exterior (cladding, doors, windows)
  • Attic, Ventilation, & Insulation
  • Fireplace & Chimney
  • Interior (doors, windows, walls, floors, ceilings, stairs)
  • Electrical System
  • HVAC Systems
  • Plumbing System
  • Attached Garage

We’re proud to offer these additional services:

Sumter County Columbia South Carolina Home Inspections Pre Listing

Pre-Listing Inspection

It’s a smart decision to have a home thoroughly inspected before listing it to sell. We’ll evaluate the condition of most readily accessible areas of the property so that you can have a better understanding of your home before it’s shown to buyers. You can then perform any necessary repairs or simply disclose the report in your listing—establishing an atmosphere of trust when it comes time to negotiate.

Sumter County Columbia South Carolina Home Inspections New Construction

New Construction Inspection

As the building process on your new home nears completion, it’s a good time to make sure that it holds up to the scrutiny of a trained home inspector. We’ll evaluate the readily accessible components and installed systems of the home to make sure that no oversights have been made during construction and that the structure is safe, sound, and move-in ready.

Sumter County Columbia South Carolina Home Inspections Re Inspection


There’s no need to gamble on the condition of components in a home that have been repaired or modified since their inclusion in our original inspection report. We’ll be happy to come back to the property and reevaluate the component(s) in question—allowing you to have peace of mind with the knowledge that everything is safe and functioning properly.

Sumter County Columbia South Carolina Home Inspections Mold Testing

Mold Inspection

Mold inside a home can be a serious detriment to our physical well-being, contributing to numerous allergies and illnesses. It can also be responsible for costly damage to home components. We’ll carefully inspect a home for mold and moisture to ensure that your investment is protected from this unsightly and unsafe nuisance.

Residential Warranty Services available

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Griffin Home Inspections offers quality home inspections that take great care to educate you on the issues and to orient you with the home that you’re considering. Contact us today to request an inspection.


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